Thursday, January 30, 2014

Frank Armstrong : TUMOR

One more indy character for everyone... This is detective Frank Armstrong, hero of TUMOR. He's an old guy with a terminal illness. So... he fears nothing. Makes sense :D. He's around as badass as Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis put together and around 20 years older too. This was made for the character's creator himself, the awesome Noel Tuazon!


Lonewolf and Cub playset

This Loosecollector Custom, Lonewolf and Cub action figure playset includes:

* Itto Ogami - super-poseable with removable dotanuki sword and a wooden staff
* Daigoro- poseable
* Baby cart - REAL wood, working wheels and deployable sheild

This was made for Wisconsin-based, real-life samurai named Jeff.

Supreme : Alex Ross style


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Judge J. Buxton

This Loosecollector Custom, Judge J.Buxton was commissioned by a very nice lady in Canada, as a gift for her bf. A local celebrity, a comedian, musician, an overall cool dude and a HUGE Judge Dredd fan. This figure sports the recipient's likeness (as much detail we can fit in a tiny area), sculpted body armour, a large pistol, removable helmet, a nightsitck that says, "The Buxtonator" and a badge that says "BUX".

Great to have played a small part in their awesome love story! Pleasure is all ours guys. God be with you.

Captain America : Herrera-style

This Loosecollector Custom, Captain America figure was created following the art style of the great, Francisco Herrera. He comes with a removable sidearm and a shield that fastens via real leather straps! He now stands proudly on a personal collection in the U.K.