Monday, October 26, 2015

Cyclops Jim Lee version

The most iconic Cyclops version in action figure form! He features the following...

- detailed costume sculpting
- embossed "X" logos
- gold visor and chest emblem
- high-quality, super smooth paintjob
- Loosecollector standard of quality

Custom Marvel Legends Cyclops Jim Lee style by Loosecollector

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mad Hatter (70s TV Version)

This is the fearsome Mad Hatter as he appeared in the 70s Batman TV series!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

BOR Burison of Asgard

BOR! Son of Buri, father of Odin, grandfather of Thor.

This figure features sculpted details (ie: individually-sculpted/textured armour plates, fur, etc.) and removable, scratch-built, accessories (axe, shield, helmet). The usual, smooth-n-vibrant LC paintjob wrapped him up and scales perfectly with the modern Marvel Legends Asgardian figures. BOR Lifa Endr!

Hope you like him guys. God bless.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wolverine Adamantium Skeleton: Funko Pop! style (Prototype)

This Funko POP style figure is a prototype, to be produced by Crown in limited quantity.
To pre-order, feel free to use the "Crown" link provided above.

Wolive-POP here features an improved, super-sharp paintjob on the left side and a fully-sculpted
Adamantium Skeleton on the right, painted with our usual, high-quality metallics.

Hope you like him guys! God bless.

A batch of Yellow Versions in production. Brown and Oversized versions were also made...

Brown Versions is boxes...

Wolverine Adamantium Skeleton: Funko Pop! style (Prototype)  by Loosecollector

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Captain America (stylized)

Good day guys! Chalking another one up for our "Stylized" line. 
This is the legendary Captain America... Super Soldier Serum Overdose :D!
He features exaggerated musculature, his trusty shield and our signature, super-smooth, airbrushed finish.
Hope you like him guys! God bless.


  Marvel Legends Captain America (stylized) Custom Action Figure by Loosecollector

Disassembled : Funko POP!

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we destroy perfectly good (and sometimes expensive) figures, so you don't have to :D. 

Today we operate on one of those tiny, cutesy-bitsy, vinyl Funko POP figures.
Thanks to our friend, JC of Milwaukee for donating the sexy Dremel. You rock dude!

And here you go...
These POP figures come in different shapes and sizes but most follow the same, basic construction.
Hollow head with a peg inside to secure the "bobble" spring and a three-part, solid plastic/vinyl body (torso, lower half, gloves).

Hope this helps guys. God bless!

And by the way. If you're wondering what happened to the sliced Wolvie above, here he is below.
To see (and order) the finished product, click ----> here.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Master Splinter (TMNT)

The world's most fearsome fighting rat! 
This is Master Splinter from, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". If you don't know him, you've missed some really good cartoons :(.  He's shown here wearing his classic gi from the original 80's show.
Hope you like him guys! God bless.

Benton Grey (Original)

This is an original character made for a regular client. He comes in popular, "DCUC style" and features original sculpts and a combo of matte, metallic and pearly paint effects. Hope you like him guys! God bless.