Thursday, February 13, 2014

Deadpool : Olivetti style

Deadpool with super-detailed sculpt and bears the trademark Loosecollector paintjob!

He features removable accessories (2 katanas, 1 side arm w/ laser sight, 1 back knife, 1 nunchaku). He also comes with an extra pistol and a rifle with grenade launcher. ROCHAMBEAU!

Custom Deadpool Marvel Legends Action Figure by Loosecollector

Friday, February 7, 2014


Customer Original : This is Tsugari... he's ripped, he's bald, and he's an extremely powerful dude. Client's idea was to just follow the sketch, but we gave him a removable chainmail hood and a bearskin cape held by a real metal chain to add to his overall look,  just for kicks :).



Here's another "Customer Original", from the same mind that spawned the Tsugari figure we did earlier. This is Xiao, a legendary master of Kung-Fu. He's got a pretty unique design. White-haired dude with baggy pants, Copacabana sleeves, adidas-like stripes and a ripped torso. He's also got a skirt and two belts. Weird on paper, but the artist made it work :). 



Galen Marek : Starkiller


Nina Williams

Count Nefaria


Namor : Olivetti style


Namor (X-Men)

Psylocke MU


Archangel MU

Ms. Marvel


King Motaro