Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hades : Scattered Comics Inc.

This figure was made for the talented, Noel Serrato of Scattered Comics Inc.
He is the creator of the Hades character and the entire "Blinth" universe.
This figure comes with three black cats and features our signature, super-smooth paintjob.
She will be used in conventions, displays and for other promotional purposes.
Hope you like her guys. God bless!

Hope you like her guys. God bless!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jim Lee Wolverine (Bowen head)

The most sought-after Wolverine version ever!
Features: Bowen-style head, reshaped body, super-smooth paintjob,
sculpted parts, Loosecollector standard of quality. 

Jim Lee Wolverine custom marvel legends figure loosecollector

Friday, May 19, 2017

Superman : George Reeves (1950's)

Still from the 1950's, this time it's the Man of Steel himself... Superman, 
as played by the legendary George Reeves.
This figure features a sculpted head, costume details, fabric cape and wrapped up with our signature super-smooth paintjob. In one picture below, he shares a pose with his fellow 50's hero, Commando Cody, played by the George Wallace.
Hope you like them. God bless!

loosecollector custom figure george reeves superman

Commando Cody : Rocketman (1950's)

From the 1950's, this is Commando Cody... The King of the Rocketmen!
He was patrolling the skies and sporting the jetpack decades before the Rocketeer ever did.
This figure features sculpted details such as, his signature helmet, control consoles
on his chest and waist and his badass rocketpack. He also carries his groovy, space gun!
In one picture below, he shares a pose with his fellow 50's hero, Superman, played by the legendary George Reeves and 70's hero Captain America, played by Reb Brown.

Hope you like them. God bless!

custom figure commando cody rocketman loosecollector

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Heroine (Iconic Wine)

This figure was made for Birk O'Halloran and Karl Antle.
They are the genius behind fast-growing, US-based wine company, Iconic Wine. 
The company produces high quality Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Rosé.

She will be used for display and promotional purposes. The figure features sculpted parts, poseable cape and wrapped up with our signature, matte-metallic paintjob combo.

Know more about the character and the company HERE. Follow them also on Facebook!

 loosecollector heroine iconic wine halloran antle

Monday, May 8, 2017

Captain Unity

This badboy was commissioned by Independent comicbook creator, Andrew Hutchison, 
to be used for promotional purposes (comicbook conventions, display and such).
Captain Unity is one of the main characters in Andrew's line of comics.
Mash together Captain America, Punisher, Superman & Roman Reigns, and you'll get him :D.

Captain Unity custom figure original by loosecollector

Ana - Predator Movie

The girl they call "Ana". From the first Predator movie.


Predator Ana custom figure by loosecollector