Saturday, August 29, 2015

Northwind : Infinity Inc.

Good day guys! Today we have one of the old timers :). From Infinity Inc., this is Norda Cantrell... Northwind!
Made in the popular, DCUC style.
The challenge here is to make this simple design stand out. He was given sculpted details, and the usual, smooth-n-clean, Loosecollector paintjob. Varying hues of blues, browns, orange & yellows, and a combo of matte and metallics are in display.
Hope you like him guys! God bless.

Northwind : Infinity Inc. Custom Action Figure by Loosecollector

Monday, August 17, 2015

Shaft (Youngblood)

Good day guys! This is Shaft from Image Comics' Youngblood title. He looks like Shatterstar.... because Rob Liefeld created him.
He is one of his best character designs. He's one of the few who doesn't have white hair, a pony tail, big shoulder pads or a zillion pouches on his body :).

This figure features unique sculpted parts and the signature, super-clean Loosecollector paintjob.
Vibrant colors, subtle varying hues and shading, smooth metallics, sharp lines.
He also comes with a removable quiver and his trademark "string-less" bow... however that works :).
Hope you like him guys! God bless you.

Shaft (Youngblood) Custom Action Figure by Loosecollector

Saturday, August 15, 2015

World Bootleg and Knockoffs Grand Prix

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we come in the Bootleggers’ Party un-invited, drink all the beer and wee on the sofa.

Today with your help, we will be accomplishing one of the most spritually-uplifting and socially-relevant undertakings ever conceived. It's almost at the level of World Peace.

We will be archiving the most notorious bootlegs and knockoffs the world has ever seen! Simply send us a link of the pic and your caption at the comments section below and we will add it to the list, which starts just about... NOW.

Overlord Leaves his Wife!
I hope it doesn't make you sad, but Overlord left his wife. Find out how by playing this game!

Super Heroes
They stiffed us by not including Superman & Hulk. But at least we got "The Naruto"!

God Jesus
I imagine the brainstorming man...
Guy: "Let's call him God Jesus!"
Boss: "You are brilliant!"

Hurray! We finally got Batihombre's wife!

The Under Arms Police
The world needs a lot of these guys! Elevators, buses, trains... imagine the convenience!
*pic/words shared by: Jeffy-C (8-16-15)

Adventure Man
See, Adventure Man here shaved his beard and had an overnight coffee drink-off with....

these dudes right here. ..
*pics/words shared by: Jollin (8-16-15)

Black Man!
Nothing wrong with the figure but come on man!
*pics/words shared by: JimmyJamGarvin (8-16-15)

New Style Ninja Tortoise
I don't even need a caption for this guy.
*pics/words shared by: Chickenjoy (8-16-15)

Boom-Stick Thor
Thor wises-up. DIE FU(#3RS!!!
*pics/words shared by: Zaldy (8-16-15)

As of (9-7-15)... Spidey joined the "Gun Gang" so they can "Come on, enjoy the pleasure together!"

Hey you! It's your turn to join the fun :D!

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Punisher (stylized)

Following our stylized Daredevil and Deadpool... Here is Marvel's resident badass, The Punisher!
He features the usual exaggerated musculature, sharp skull logo with bluish hues, super-smooth paintjob and a nasty-huge gun to match.

Hope you like him guys! God bless.

Mystery: What's under Ultimate War Machine's (Ares Wave) helmet?

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we put Scooby-Doo and the gang out of business and watch Captain Planet instead.
Today we solve another figure mystery.... "What's under Ultimate War Machine's (Ares Wave) helmet?"


Answer: The same head under the Ultimate Ironman figure.... but cast in brown plastic!

Unlike Ultimate Ironman, this head has no painted details on it (eyes, hair, etc), as the helmet is not meant to be removable.
It's glued-on quite securely, you'll need a crowbar to pry it off.

** Thanks to James Eleazar of Robins Hobby Shop for sharing the helmet-less WarMachine shot. Visit their store for great deals :D! **

Hope this satisfied your curiosity and I'll see you again next time. 
Keep loving the hobby and God bless you all :)!