Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Manny PACMAN Pacquiao Action Figure

- Fighting pride of the Philippines
- Actor
- Producer
- Singer
- Commercial model
- Basketball player
- Coach
- Action figure

(Big thanks to Jeff for donating the nice Balrog figure used in the pics below!)



Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pinoy Superheroes: VALENTINA custom action figure

Valentina is the Philippines' most legendary supervillainess and is the arch nemesis of the superheroine, Darna. She first appeared in Pilipino Komiks #77, created by the great Mars Ravelo in the 1950's. A bitter, deformed woman born with snakes for hair, who killed her parents as she grew up and subsequently taken in by Kobra, a giant serpent with a hag's head.

This figure is first in our new line of creations based on Phillipine comicbook characters.

Disassembled: Play Arts Kai Liquid Snake

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we destroy perfectly good (and sometimes expensive) figures, so you don't have to :D.
Today we operate on a $100 fodder, Liquid Snake by Play Arts Kai. Good looking figure!

Thanks to our friends, JC of Milwaukee for donating the sexy Dremel & Punisher, and Levin Angeles for the Liquid Snake.  
You guys rock!

And here you go...

The coat and its free-floating shoulders are of soft, almost-rubber plastic...

With the glued-on accessories removed....

This figure was used for our Ashley Riot (Vagrant Story) custom figure.
Hope this helps guys. God bless.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ms.Marvel head repaint (hair & makeup)

No sculpt modification. Just straight up paintjob on the mass-produced, Ms.Marvel head.
Work includes a complete repaint of the eyes, mask, hair and then the make-up.
Hope you like her guys! God bless.

Soldier Dude head

The client was not happy with the beard he has sculpted on his figure. Commissioned us to fix it up. Work done are as follows:

- New sculpted beard
- Custom made sunglasses (from scratch)
- New paintjob

Hope you like him guys! God bless.

Mystery: What's under Judge Death's helmet?

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we put Scooby-Doo and the gang out of business and watch Captain Planet instead.
Today we solve another figure mystery.... "What's under LCBH Judge Death's helmet?"

And the answer is... A green, hairless, yellow-toothed, rotting, missing-nosed, corpse that looks like
a zombie version of The Mask. And as bonus, this is also how he looks without his shoulderpads, elbowpads and badge.

Hope this satisfied your curiosity and I'll see you again next time. 
Keep loving the hobby and God bless you all :)!

Mystery: What's inside ML3 Thor's torso?

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we put Scooby-Doo and the gang out of business and watch Captain Planet instead.
Today we solve one of the greatest Marvel Legends mysteries. One that affects the very fabric of reality...
"What is inside ML3 Thor's torso?"

Yep, this figure got issues. He can't firmly grasp his hammer, he's missing two dots on his
underpants because it's painfully too tiny, he's got a turtleneck collar, and he looks like Arnold...
(Thor pic courtesy of OAFE. Thor fodder donated by Swayze Express. Thanks brother!)

But the biggest question is his torso. It's a single piece of plastic with a rubbery sculpt on top, like so....


And now the answer...

Then the obligatory follow up question, "Why would they do that?" 

Here's why... 
The first MarvelLegends were made by Toybiz and their early ML figures use parts from existing
molds, mostly from their WCW line. Thor shares torsos with Hak (AKA Sandman).
The sculpt for the rubbery cover is new. I don't get why they don't just make that the full torso instead :). 

And this early X-Men movie Logan figure used even more parts from Hak than Thor :D!

Hope this satisfied your curiosity and I'll see you again next time. Keep loving the hobby and God bless you all :)!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fake Hasbro Superior Spidey and Ultimate Beetle Figures

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we put bootleggers in tight underpants, and give them a wedgie.
(We would like to thank Jimmy Tan of Divisoria Mall, for donating the bootlegs. Thanks Jim!)

Today we have Superior Spidey and Ultimate Beetle.
On the pics, left side is the original item, right side is the bootleg. At first glance, the most obvious differences are...

ORIGINAL - sharp painted lines, vibrant plastic colors, sturdy material
FAKE - sloppy paintjob and the colors do not align with the sculpt, dull coloring, flimsy plastic

Notice how the original Beetle has equal-sized ab-muscles, while the fake has elongated lower ab-muscles and 
the upper four are visibly smaller. It's weird how the bootleggers made this section from a different (and inferior) mold, 
when they could have just used the same bootlegged mold as the rest of the figure. Weird indeed :D!

But, if you are shopping for one of these guys and you don't have an original one in hand, the best way to find out are as follows:

For Superior Spidey...

 and for Beetle...

 Hope this helps guys. Keep loving the hobby :)!