Sunday, August 27, 2017

Loosecollector Essentials: Accessory Pack


First two items....

CAMERA - perfect for reporters and media people (Lois and Jimmy Olsen), 
detectives (Jessica Jones), photographers (Peter), spies, tourists, and such.

BATTLE MACE - golden mace best suited for warrior-type characters.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Buckethead (Funko POP style)

The Amazing Buckethead in the super-popular, Funko Pop style!
LIMITED RUN of 50 pieces per color only. First come first serve, until supplies last.

Yellow Variant - (SOLD OUT)
Blue Variant - (SOLD OUT)

Custom Box Design...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Black Panther - Olivetti-style

Good day. Our figure for today features an updated version of our most popular and widely-replicated formula, which we call the "Stylized/Olivetti style". If we have a signature recipe, this will be it. Our first figure that employed this, way back around 6 years ago is, Captain America.

Carrying on the tradition, Black Panther sports the usual, exaggerated musculature and carries a variety of weapons...
- a golden spear
- a big@$$ knife that fit in a sheathe on his harness
- and a pair of kamas that connect at the hilts to form a double-headed blade. They also fit in a case on his back that look like his trademark "collar" facing front.

This figure was finished with our signature, super-sharp and super-smooth paintjob that shows
gradient hues of rich black and blue. Hope you like him guys. God bless!

Hades (Custom Funko POP style)

This Funko POP-style figure was made for the character's creator, Noel Serrato of
Scattered Comics Inc.(USA). She will be produced in limited quantity, to be used
by SCI for promotional purposes. 
To pre-order, email...
The figure features original sculpt, and each copy will come in a handsome display 
box, similar to Blinth's below.
Hope you like her guys. God bless!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Funko POP style figures by Loosecollector

Loosecollector Landmark: 

This is our very first, licensed, mass produced, figure that came in an official packaging, bearing our company logo. We were quite happy the first time we shipped. Zaldy and Jolz, were even, almost teary-eyed (lol), as they were in charge of everything packaging-related. It was also at this point where we were able to make variants of different finishes and materials. Thanks to all our clients and supporters who continue to motivate us along the way. We appreciate all you do. God bless you all.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lockjaw Resin Statue

LOCKJAW Resin Statue

* Compatible with 6-inch scale figures
* Comes in a nice display box 
* Shelfspace-saving pose
* Classic design, detailed sculpt, super-sleek paintjob
* High quality resin

Purple Space Man

Purple Space Man once, only existed in the mind of a young child from New York.
A few Christmases of him not under the tree, his loving grandparents finally 
commissioned us to turn his dream into a reality... and now he is.

This Purple Space Man figure stands an imposing 12 inches, boasts a super-smooth
sculpt and a vibrant paintjob to match! Hope you like him guys and God bless.