Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fake Hasbro Superior Spidey and Ultimate Beetle Figures

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we put bootleggers in tight underpants, and give them a wedgie.
(We would like to thank Jimmy Tan of Divisoria Mall, for donating the bootlegs. Thanks Jim!)

Today we have Superior Spidey and Ultimate Beetle.
On the pics, left side is the original item, right side is the bootleg. At first glance, the most obvious differences are...

ORIGINAL - sharp painted lines, vibrant plastic colors, sturdy material
FAKE - sloppy paintjob and the colors do not align with the sculpt, dull coloring, flimsy plastic

Notice how the original Beetle has equal-sized ab-muscles, while the fake has elongated lower ab-muscles and 
the upper four are visibly smaller. It's weird how the bootleggers made this section from a different (and inferior) mold, 
when they could have just used the same bootlegged mold as the rest of the figure. Weird indeed :D!

But, if you are shopping for one of these guys and you don't have an original one in hand, the best way to find out are as follows:

For Superior Spidey...

 and for Beetle...

 Hope this helps guys. Keep loving the hobby :)!

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  1. Your custom figure collections looks amazing. Such a cool concept, nicely built with nice body design.