Saturday, August 15, 2015

World Bootleg and Knockoffs Grand Prix

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we come in the Bootleggers’ Party un-invited, drink all the beer and wee on the sofa.

Today with your help, we will be accomplishing one of the most spritually-uplifting and socially-relevant undertakings ever conceived. It's almost at the level of World Peace.

We will be archiving the most notorious bootlegs and knockoffs the world has ever seen! Simply send us a link of the pic and your caption at the comments section below and we will add it to the list, which starts just about... NOW.

Overlord Leaves his Wife!
I hope it doesn't make you sad, but Overlord left his wife. Find out how by playing this game!

Super Heroes
They stiffed us by not including Superman & Hulk. But at least we got "The Naruto"!

God Jesus
I imagine the brainstorming man...
Guy: "Let's call him God Jesus!"
Boss: "You are brilliant!"

Hurray! We finally got Batihombre's wife!

The Under Arms Police
The world needs a lot of these guys! Elevators, buses, trains... imagine the convenience!
*pic/words shared by: Jeffy-C (8-16-15)

Adventure Man
See, Adventure Man here shaved his beard and had an overnight coffee drink-off with....

these dudes right here. ..
*pics/words shared by: Jollin (8-16-15)

Black Man!
Nothing wrong with the figure but come on man!
*pics/words shared by: JimmyJamGarvin (8-16-15)

New Style Ninja Tortoise
I don't even need a caption for this guy.
*pics/words shared by: Chickenjoy (8-16-15)

Boom-Stick Thor
Thor wises-up. DIE FU(#3RS!!!
*pics/words shared by: Zaldy (8-16-15)

As of (9-7-15)... Spidey joined the "Gun Gang" so they can "Come on, enjoy the pleasure together!"

Hey you! It's your turn to join the fun :D!


  1. "Nothing wrong with the figure but come on man!"

    1. It's a Brazilian oficial licenced product. It's not a bootleg. It was originally sculpted and produced by Glasslite, an old Brazilian toy manufacturer.

    2. Thank you for pointing out Lexseifer :D!

  2. O don't even need a caption for this guy

  3. Hey loose Collector! This image from Black Man is not a bootleg. It is in fact an official licenced product, sculpted, manufactured and launched by the now extinct Glasslite, a Brazilian toy manufacturer. "Black Man" was the oficial name given to Kamen Rider Black here, in Brazil, during the 80's.