Thursday, February 13, 2014

Deadpool : Olivetti style

Deadpool with super-detailed sculpt and bears the trademark Loosecollector paintjob!

He features removable accessories (2 katanas, 1 side arm w/ laser sight, 1 back knife, 1 nunchaku). He also comes with an extra pistol and a rifle with grenade launcher. ROCHAMBEAU!

Custom Deadpool Marvel Legends Action Figure by Loosecollector


  1. yaaaa boyyyyyy I got my deadpool. wowwwwww bro he is my favorite custom from you for sure. I hate to say it but I think I like him even more than Wolverine. I cant believe all the work you put into him for me. Spot on with everything and more. I can honestly say I could not have even imagined him to look this sickkkkkk. After 3 deadpools you finally gave me the ultimate deadpool. I took the bike out because I wanted him on my first shelf directly under the light. I have him with your Cable. He looks so fresh brother here ill send you a picture from my phone not a very good one but you can see the set up. Thank you so much and thank the guys for me please. God bless all of you brother you made me and my sons day yesterday.

  2. Any details on how you made this one? I'm Finally starting to work on my own customs and just like to see for other puerile do theirs. that's A REALLY good piece!