Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 How can we  contact you? FB Messenger (faster) or
 Do you answer all your mail? We may take a few days due to the volume we get but... we will never snub a mail.
 My mail was not answered. Why? Please use a non-generic heading/title. Yahoo auto-filters as spam sometimes.
 Where are you based? Right here in the Philippines guys!
 To which countries do you ship? We ship world-wide where there is Express Mail Service (EMS) or Fedex.
 Do you accept commissions? Only as much as the schedule allows. Limited slots, but yes :)
 Do you sell at e-bay? Ms_aod is our OFFICIAL ebay seller. Directly sells guaranteed, un-touched LC customs!
 What are your methods of payment? We accept payments via Paypal in USD ($). 
 Do you combine shipping?  Yes. Starting shipping price covers up to three regular-sized figure!
 Are the figures safe during shipping? They come generously bubblewrapped inside a crush-proof box.
 What scale do you cover? We start from 1" Heroclix all the way up to lifesize!
 How long does a figure usually take? Depends on difficulty and our current queue. Quality over quantity :)
 Do you make copies of previous figs? We sure do. Except those billed as "one-of-a-kind". Feel free to ask.

 Can you mass produce figures or statues?

 We sure do. Let's discuss. 

 Do you like candies? Of course :D!