Friday, January 17, 2014

Omega Red


  1. Dammmmmmm Loose I LOVE THIS OMEGA RED!!!!!!!!!! Bro I love your customs, This Omega is insane. He follows suit in my collection and I have him squared off like in the rain photo u had up. I copied the pose you had him in looking down at wolverine and hes matched up on a shelf with your sabertooth. Looks so amazing next to your Wolverine. Your Olivetti stuff is my favorite. All my favorite customs are from you. I hope we can do some more commissions in 2014 I already have a daredevil in mind that I would love to do. Only you can pull it off. Its based off adon torso, saber biceps and those awesome legs you make. adon smiley face for the head and he will be an Olivetti legend lolllll. thanks brother cant wait to see deadpool god bless bro