Friday, March 28, 2014

The Spooky Space Kook

Here's another one for our Scooby-Doo lineup. It's the genuinely-creepy... and legendary...  SPOOKY SPACE KOOK! One of the signature monsters of the SD franchise. We did two older ones back in 2008, making him a "second update". He sports a 100% original LC headsculpt and a nice headress. We've decided to give him the red, glowing head this time. Usual LC-style paintjob wrapped him up.

Hope you like him guys! God bless.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dave, I've been meaning to write to let you know that the Space Kook arrived safely a couple of days ago.This one is definitely a favorite,he almost looks like he's about to bust out with that spooky laugh of his! Thanks so much,I'll be getting back later with the next one I want.I do plan on displaying them all together and I will be taking some photos to send you! I have plans to buy a digital camera in the near future.
    Thanks again for the great work and I will be in touch with the next request !
    Take care and God Bless, Bob!