Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bootleg Alert! Hasbro Black Cat

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we put bootleggers in tight underpants, and give them a wedgie.

We've found out about this one just a few days ago. Very useful and informative find actually.
On all the pics, left side is the original item, right side is the bootleg....

At first glance, you can immediately notice that the one on the right looks like an ugly twin sister of sorts...

- smooth paint finish
- fur cuts right where they meet the circle zipper handle, mid cleavage
- shiny pendant
- head connects well to the neck ball
- rough paintjob on the face, like she had a severe skin disease.... bless her heart.
- fur is one whole piece
- dull colored pendant
- long neck that will make Chris Bosh proud

Original - neck ball is perfect sphere
Bootleg - as mentioned, neck is longer, ball is bigger and is not a perfect sphere

Original - glossy sturdy plastic, small leg pegs
Bootleg - matte rubbery plastic, bigger leg pegs. Legs have slightly different shape too.

Original's hair - light shade of blue, soft plastic
Bootleg's hair - Lady Gaga-like, heavy blue wash with noticeably stiffer plastic. Hair gel abuse probably.

Hope this helps guys. Keep loving the hobby :)!


  1. Big help Loose! Thank you :) - Waldo

  2. I was wondering if some of the Black Cat figs U'd seen on Ebay were knockoffs, even with the somewhat poor photos in the listings there's a definite difference in the facial features. I did order one for customizing purposes, the longer neck may turn out to be a plus for me as I feel the neck on the original is too short and limits the use of other heads since they tend to sit way too low and end up looking like they're attached directly to the shoulders.

  3. You've killed the bootlegger's business mate.

  4. You rock LC! The Michael Jordan of custom figures!

  5. My figure looks totally like the one on the right but I got it from toys r us, how can this be possible?!

    1. It is possible that a guy replaced the fig with a fake one.
      I remember someone putting an old Spider-Man in place of the new Cap figure and returning the item to Walmart.
      Sad but it happens often :(. Make sure to check your figs before going to the counter and visit this blog for more
      bootleg news.

  6. I got mine from a legit toystore too. Very annoyed.

  7. This is really strange, same here... got it from an amazon-supplier and it is the knock-off.

    Sometimes I have the feeling it is the "second" cheaper wave from Hasbro^^