Sunday, March 8, 2015

BEST WISHES! Mr. and Mrs. Sauza figures

As of posting time, we are a few hours away from this lovely couple's big day (March 9, 2015)!
Best wishes, from the action figure community and the Loosecollector team!

The figures below will serve as their "groom's cake" topper and will then go to their collectibles shelf.
Parts used are as per the couple's request and they feature original Loosecollector headsculpts and matching wedding rings.
Our signature, detailed paintjob wrapped them up and then given custom-made weapons to complete their looks.

Jeff asked us to put "Hot Sauz" text on his shirt, and we ended up designing the original logo, as seen.
We only have Jeff's pic here to protect the couple's privacy. Event pics will be posted when made available.

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  1. Fantastic likeness! I am always in awe of your incredible work.