Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Spider-Man : 70's TV Series (Nicholas Hammond)

In the 1970's, Nick Hammond was already rocking the Spider-man suit, while Toby Maguire was still in his diapers.

This figure is based on the 1977 Spider-Man TV Series. He sports his designer belt and wristband, "hundred-holed" silver goggles, detailed webshooter with trigger mechanism and his shiny, maroon, leather boots that magically appear when the scene is shot outdoors... That's where the charm is guys :).
He now stands proudly on the shelf of the client who also owns our 70's Lou Ferrigno Hulk.
More 70's heroes coming soon!


  1. Got Spider-Man. WOW!! That looks PHENOMENAL!!
    I've gotten so many Figures from you over the Years and Everytime I get a New One I think this is Now my Favorite!! But this REALLY Feels like my Favorite!! I guess until the Reb Brown Captain America!! :)
    Thanks so much again!!! - Joseph

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