Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tarzan "Lord of the Jungle"

Good day guys! Today we have the equally legendary, Tarzan "Lord of the Jungle"!

He features an imposing, super-articulated body, complete with double-jointed limbs and removable weapons. His miniature bow and arrows were made exactly the same way the real weapons are. Tense string on flexed wood... his bow can REALLY SHOOT these arrows! He also comes with a removable quiver that stores arrows and his trademark knife that fit in his side sheath. Very useful when fighting lions, gorillas and poachers alike.

Hope you like him guys! God bless.


Custom marvel legends Tarzan action figure by Loosecollector


  1. He is awesome! Is he already spoken for, or will he be for sale on eBay?

  2. He is awesome!
    Is he already spoken for or will he be for sale on ebay?

    1. Please write to "" for figure queries.
      Thank you :)!