Monday, May 16, 2016

Disassembled : DORBZ

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we destroy perfectly good (and sometimes expensive) figures, so you don't have to :D. 
Today we operate on one of those cutesy, tiny, vinyl figures called "DORBZ"... maybe because they're "Adorable"? Hmmmm....

Thanks to our friend, JC of Milwaukee for donating the sexy Dremel. You rock dude!

And here you go...
These DORBZ figures come in different shapes and sizes but most follow the same, basic construction.

Hollow head, a hollow torso with a plug inside to make it more solid, and a cover at the bottom.

If you're wondering what happens next, it will be something like... THIS.
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Hope this helps guys. God bless!



  1. How easy is it to remove the bottom cap and torso plug without destroying the figure?

    1. Sorry if I won't be much of a help but here's the experience... The plug and lid came off by themselves once I sawed the thing as such. It doesn't look like they were glued in place especially the plug. The cover maybe, but very little adhesive if any on this figure.