Thursday, June 9, 2016

Blinth Minibust Prototype (Scattered Comics Inc.)

This minibust was commissioned by the creator, Noel Serrato of Scattered Comics Inc.
We will be producing him in limited quantity, to be used by SCI for promotional purposes.

He is compatible with standard minibusts in size and scale.
This bust features a 100% original sculpt, a handsome display base and our signature, super-smooth paintjob.

Hope you like it guys. God bless!

 Loosecollector custom mini bust prototype


  1. how mucth will these cost and will u ship to uk

  2. These guys moved so quickly, I really didn't get a chance to blink. I was so pleased on the turn out on these. Hoping you guys the very best for 2017. When Loosecollectors begins these short run's I recommend that everybody jumps at the chance to own one of these bad boys. Because these are grade A+++++
    God Bless- Noel Serrato @ScatteredComics, INC.