Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wolverine (Herrera-style)

This custom Wolverine was created following the uniquely-stylized, art style of the great, Francisco Herrera!
He features an original headsculpt, 90% sculpted body and wrapped up with our signature paintjob.
He also comes with a set of extra, non-clawed, grasping hands to wield his huge Muramasa blade.
Hope you like him guys. God bless!

** customer feedback in the comments section below **

Wolverine Herrera-style custom marvel legends figure by Loosecollector


  1. Hi Dave

    I have got the wolvie custom and I think it's awesome. The smoothness of the sculpt is simply seemless very organic feel to it, the parts choice is brilliant and really captures that top heavy nature of wolverine.

    The paint application is possibly the best you guys have ever done for me, the lines for the uniform are immaculate and you guys got the colour scheme perfect.

    The interchangeable hands are great the oversized muramasa sword is very cool for this cartoon style

    The head sculpt with the mask and eyes is perfect and just hits the nail on the head for the herrera style and the mouth with the little bit of sculpt on it is just great really cool with the little red lip inlay. The boot fins and arm hair fit the bill perfectly

    Just wondered if you had any thoughts about the Skottie Young deadpool idea and cost, if you could get back to me when you can that would be great. Thanks!


  2. Wow man this wolverine is unbelievable. The original head cast is like nothing ive ever seen. You guys are so above your game it's incredible