Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bootleg Alert! Hasbro Red She Hulk

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we put bootleggers in tight underpants, and give them a wedgie.

Today's bootlegged item is She-Hulk... the RED one. Not the green and definitely not the blue because that's just a big smurf you saw. Let us thank cool-guys, Lester Roque (Miami, Florida), for donating the bootleg and Jeff Corbett (Wisconsin) for the original figure. Thank you lads :)!

On all the pics, left side is the original by Hasbro, right side is the bootleg....
At first glance, you can immediately notice that the one on the right looks like an ugly distant relative. Probably from her mother's, neighbor's, step-dad's pimple-ridden college roommate's who looks like his face caught fire and someone tried to put it out with a hammer side...something like that.

Original - head is symmetrical, hairsculpt is sharp and the paint apps are well applied on the eyes and lips.
Bootleg - head not symmetrical (Look at that poor thing! You can smash it with a mace and you won't even see the difference). Eyes and lips were not painted well. Hair strands less visible as the copying/re-casting process "softened" the sculpt.

Original - high quality plastic, vibrant and sharp paintjob, joints fit together flush.
Bootleg - low quality plastic, sloppy paint application, legs have slightly different/warped shape and the hips do not align well with the thighs (most obvious on the left leg). See also the paint chipping on the ankle joints.

Original - neck ball is perfect sphere. Black area on back is sharply-painted and narrower.
Bootleg - neck ball is not a perfect sphere. Black paint on back is wider and sloppy.

Original - wide kneecaps. Back of knee joints are angled very sharply.
Bootleg - narrow kneecaps. Back of knee joints have excess plastic and irregular shape.

Now, if you are shopping for a Red She-Hulk and you don't have an original one in hand, here are two sure-fire ways to find out...

1) The original's peg-heads on the knees are the same size (up and down), while on the fake one, the upper is visibly smaller than the lower peg-head.

2) Behind the left thigh, the original has a "production number" stamped on it, while the fake has none.

For more review like this one, click ---> HERE. Hope this helps guys. Keep loving the hobby :)!

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