Monday, December 29, 2014

Bootleg Alert! FAKE Mattel WWE Figures

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we put bootleggers in tight underpants, and give them a wedgie.

We have been using the badass Mattel WWE figures for years now and we can spot a fake from the
real thing quite easily. Let us tell you how...

We will be guided with the help of our friends. Batista and the shady, Faketista.
On all the pics, LEFT side is the BOOTLEG, right side is the original figure from Mattel.

Faketista! You look too smiley man. I won't be that happy if my torso is flesh and my legs are pink!

As you can see here, Faketista is significantly smaller (height & heft) and he's got visible pegs on his ankles. If both are superheroes, Batista Captain America and Faketista is Daredevil.

Not very obvious in the pics, but the colors/hues of Faketista's plastics do not match, like they used different recipes of plastics for each part, while the original's colors are perfectly even.

For a bootleg, Faketista's tatoos are nicely done, but relative to the original's super-sharp decals, they are visibly inferior. His eyes have too much white on them and almost no eyebrows too.

*** See that Philippine flag on Batista's shoulder? Fellow proud Pinoy and we share the same name :D! ***

Faketista has no sculpted navel. I'm quite sure the mold on this one was made by disassembling and then casting an existing Mattel WWE fig. Doing that, you loose the fine details! Even the cuts on his musculature got a lot softer. Compare the rips on their chests.

In the pic below, you will also notice also how much thinner Faketista's arms look from the front. They're a little... "TRex-ish".

The originals are made from thick and sturdy plastic. The fake ones are significantly inferior. If I break each guy's neck peg with a plier, Faketista's will break easily with a "crunch". Batista's will flex to a limit before it does.

Wrapping up, if you don't have an original on hand while shopping for a loose/used Mattel WWE figure, the most obvious signs of a fake figure are...

- mismatched colors of plastics
- visible ankle peg
- softer musculature and...
- blurry paint apps

Hope this helps guys! Until next time.


  1. That is very helpful. I use these figures a lot and I wonder why. Now I know!

  2. Thank you loosecollector!