Monday, December 22, 2014

Cable : 90's Olivetti style

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  1. Ya boyyyyy I got him in the mail. Dude he looks so unbelievable. Thank you so much my brother. I was like a little kid on Christmas opening him up. Its funny how I get all excited when one of your customs are coming. My wife laughed at me because I got the box in the mail but left it on my bar table until the end of the night when everything was done. Kids had dinner , showers , clean up , helped with the laundry and than when all was done. I rolled up a nice blunt of my finest cannibus bud and smoked half of it down and than opened my box ever so carefully with a smile from ear to ear. My wife laughed and said to me you really know how to saver the moment. He looks so amazing that I had to change up all my shelves because I wanted him on the top shelf under the spot light. All your customs are on my top shelves lolllllll. Your the best brother. Im so looking forward to my Loose Collector Cappy. Seriously brother I really appreciate what you do for me. I know your in high demand for commissions and you always take care of me. Thank you so much my brother and I hope I can return the favor someday when you come out to visit the US. God bless you and tell the guys I said thank you too. Keep me posted about the truck.