Friday, February 26, 2016

Classic Polaris

Good day guys! Today we have Marvel's magnetic-chick, Polaris in her classic costume.
She features our signature, ultra-smooth, matte-metallic paintjob, supermodel face and a poseable cape!

Hope you like her guys. God bless!

** customer feedback in comments section below **

Classic Polaris custom marvel legends action figure by Loosecollector


  1. This is another amazing figure, I'm trying to get a few X Men and Women made in 2016, let me know if you're taking any new commission work...

    1. Good day brother. For inquiries, please write to
      Thank you.

  2. Good afternoon Dave! I just picked up Polaris from Stefan after work and, well... Words do her no justice. You bring a level of sophistication to figure making that is unrivalled. The sculpted bracers, boots, bodice and head dress are immaculate, and with these subtle details, like Psylocke before her, Lorna truly stands out. Complimenting that is her paint quality, which is incomparable to anything other than prestigious comic statues by the likes of Bowen and beyond. The iridescent green used captures the light in magnificent ways, and her skin looks real to the touch. To top it off, the cape you have given her grants a graceful and dynamic look, which showcases her power and beauty perfectly! Really, there is no other way I can sing your praises... Instead, I shall send you some photos to show that she is safely displayed, atop a custom-painted effect in my display cabinet, amongst her fellow X-Men.

    Both her and Black Psylocke are absolute standouts among my collection. I really cannot thank you and your team enough, Dave. I just hope the knowledge that she is deeply respected is enough!

    Have a fantastic week, and God bless!


  3. OMG can I buy this? I love some Classic Polaris. She looks amazing. WOW!