Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mystery: What's under ML Face-off Mandarin's robe?

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we put Scooby-Doo and the gang out of business and watch Captain Planet instead.
Today we solve another figure mystery.... "What's under ML Face-off Mandarin's robe?"... not that we're pervs.

Answer: A super-poseable body cast in plain, shiny, black plastic.

Extra: This body was used EARLIER by Toybiz ML7 Vision, thus the semi-angular musculature.
And as pointed out by our FB friend, Sam Young, XMC Archangel as well. Thanks man :)!
The only new elements are Mandarin's head and the hands sporting the trademark alien rings. 
How cool is that? For more answered "Mysteries". Click HERE

Hope this satisfied your curiosity and I'll see you again next time. 
Keep loving the hobby and God bless you all :)!

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