Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Storm : Jim Lee style

Storm in her iconic Jim Lee costume!

Sculpted to the last detail with vibrant, super-smooth, professional-quality paintjob to match, no detail is left unaccounted. From the minute costume detailings, dynamic hair that looks good on all angles, embossed "X" logos, comic-accurate shoulderpads, super-model make-up, all the way down to her signature lightning earrings.

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Storm custom figure marvel legends loosecollector Jim Lee style


  1. I received her! She is pure perfection!!! She looks even better in person! I'm simply blown away by the details put into her! This may sound really geeky, but I literally had tears when I opened the box and saw her. She is very nostalgic to me. I've loved Storm since I was four years old, and I'm now (recently) thirty years old. When my father was still alive (he passed from cancer when I was fifteen, causing me to become emancipated as an adult and on my own since my mother was always absent), he would always get me my favorite Storm memorabilia/items. As a child, I always wished for a Storm figure such as this. The only Storm figure I actually loved was my Storm Barbie Doll, and the Robot Wars Storm figure...even though I still have/love my childhood Storm figures (memories), they still didn't fulfill the imagination/wish I've always hoped a Storm figure would be! Now, this custom Storm is everything I could dream of! I know my father is looking down on me smiling, because I finally received the Storm figure I've always longed for. She's well worth the money. She's the ultimate diva Goddess! Hehe. Thank you beyond words!

  2. I want thIs! Dang it. I knew when I saw her posted in a group Phillip Nelson would be the one to win her auction. Haha. That boy loves his Storm.

  3. Who sell this figure ?? I want it !!! help me