Thursday, March 10, 2016

Technique: Opening a Torso (Drill & Crack method)

This is Loosecollector Customs. Where we destroy perfectly nice stuff up in search of big answers; but mostly just for the hell of it.

Our lesson for today is... "How to open a torso using the drill and crack method"

You use this for torsos (or anything really) that is made up of two halves glued together in the middle.
Today we operate on this huge chunk of plastic called the Marvel Select Hulk (we prefer to call him Ned).
Thanks to our friend, JC of Milwaukee for donating the sexy Dremel and figure. You rock!

Step #1: Drill a hole in the seam (I prefer either the sides or trapezius area)...

Step #2: Pry open with a screwdriver...

Step #3: If it doesn't open on the first try, repeat the first two steps around the figure until you hear a nice,
rewarding, "CRACK" sound and the entire thing comes apart. This one took two holes on both sides.

Wasn't that nice :D? Now pat yourself on the back and do the "dougie". 
Hope this helps guys. God bless!

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