Thursday, March 24, 2016

Surge : Customer Original

This is SURGE, from the creative mind of Stefan Hay.
She's a member of the X-Men, has electricity-based powers and is a master of various martial arts.

She features removable power effects, interchangeable hands & heads, flexible shoulderpads, and our signature, super-smooth paintjob. 
Hope you like her guys. God bless! 
** customer feedback in comments section below **


*Reference drawings done by Ormille of Deviantart. Click his name to see some nice works!
Custom marvel legends original Surge action figure by Loosecollector


  1. Hi brother!

    She's finally here!! Oh, it's so wonderful to finally hold her in my own two hands :D she's everything I dreamed of and more, thank you so much for bringing her to life. I saw your figurerealm post of another custom creation called Disturbed recently, and I must say that you've got a real knack for lifting the character off the page and giving them a body of their own!
    I think my friend Jack has already written to you about Polaris, he was just as excited as I was to open his figure! They're both immaculate and it brings us real joy to have something so unique of our own :)

    Thank you so much, all of you, for your amazing skills and commitment to your art!
    All the very best and god bless,

    Stefan :D

  2. what is the recipe to this masterpiece